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FOREX Knowledge FOREX Knowledge
Intro to Forex
  What is Forex Trading
  How to get started in Currencies
  History of Forex
  A Primer On The Forex Market
  Forex vs Futures
  Forex Introduction
  Forex vs Stocks
  Getting Started in Forex

Fundamentals of FX
  What is a PIP?
  Country Currency Codes
  Reading Prices
  What Pairs are Traded?
  Forex Glossary
  FX Publications

FX Market Awareness
  Risk Awareness
  The Spot Market
  The Forces of Forex
  Market Snapshot

FX Technical Analysis
  Fibonacci Numbers
  Advanced Indicator Manual
  Trading Systems which work
  Demo Before You Dive In

FX Trading Tools
   Risk Probability Calculator
  Pivot Point Calculator
  Economic Calendar
  Interest Rates Calendar
  Real-Time FX Charts
  Live FX Prices & Quotes
  Forex Movers & Shakers

FX Trading Strategies
  Keep An Eye On Momentum
  Is Guessing a Strategy?
  Trading On News Releases
  The Memory Of Price
  Trading Trend Or Range?
  Pivot Strategies: A Handy Tool

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Technical Analysis - 10/3/2012

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